Amba Farms was founded by Elizabeth Taggart in Bedford Hills, NY. Liz grew up in the midwest on a family farm that served as a local community garden for friends and neighbors. Liz brings to farming in Bedford Hills her years of experience in sustainable growing as well as her deep knowledge and experience in meditation and vedic scriptures. Her belief is that if the plants are happy as they grow they will be vital and resilient, more nutrient-dense and better tasting!We focus on soil, soil, soil! Building live, nutrient-rich soil is our passion here at Amba. We monitor our soil quality and add organic amendments as needed. We work to build the microbial and mycorrhizal biota so important to plant life by limiting soil tilling and compaction. We practice companion planting, crop rotation and succession growing. Other methods we use include: bio-dynamic principles, nutrient-dense growing and a variety of permaculture practices. Our goal is to improve the soil season after season, with the purpose of shepherding the earth and creating organic, nutrient-dense food superior in taste, texture and color.